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COATTECH Ltd Сis specialized in the field of technologies and technics for powder polymer coatings, metallic coatings, enamelling, flocking, talcking and offers:manual electrostatic apparatuses for powder painting types CESS ® -PPS and CESS ® -ATEL; manual electrostatic coating sets CEN ®
Коаттех ООД
COATTECH Ltd Сis specialized in the field of technologies and technics for powder polymer coatings, metallic coatings, enamelling, flocking, talcking and offers:
  • manual electrostatic apparatuses for powder painting types CESS ® -PPS and CESS ® -ATEL;
  • manual electrostatic coating sets CEN ® - filter and cyclonic type;
  • automatic powder coating equipment, manipulators;
  • electrical and gas ovens and drying ovens;
  • systems for preliminary treatment (tub equipment, flow treatment equipment)
  • conveyors and transport equipment for technological lines;
  • mechanized and automated technological installations and lines for powder painting and enamelling;
  • apparatuses for electrostatic talcking of cables type APEN;
  • installations for metallic coatings (nickelling, chroming etc);
  • other non-standard coating equipment.
Коаттех ООД Коаттех ООД Коаттех ООД Коаттех ООД
The production of COATTECH is an innovative investment equipment that finds a broad application in different fields: refrigeratory machine-building, agricultural machine-building, household appliances, furniture industry, cable industry, glass industry, building, electrical industry, canning industry, energetics.

The company establishes itself as a leader in the country in the production and realization of coatings technologies and products, as a result of the following:

  • individual technological solution for each customer and offering of optimum service alternative for everyone;
  • high innovation of offered products, providing higher technical-economic indicators;
  • competitive price at the same time good quality and reliability;
  • “turn key” delivery, guarantee of negotiated technical and economic indicators and operation service.

The produced equipment is a herald of progressive, high-effective non waste technologies for surface coatings.

The chronology of creation and development of COATTECH products shows the way of company confirmation on Bulgarian and foreign markets.

COATTECH continuously renovates and expands its products by development of new and improved articles and by multiplication of existing products in new fields.

The company possesses certificates for trade mark and certificates for industrial design of its main products, offered on the market.

Every module is tested in the licensed laboratory “Testing of electro-technical production” and complies with the normative documents: BDS EN 50059:2003, BDS EN 60439-1:2002, BDS EN 60204-1:2003. The apparatuses, machines and equipment, produced by COATTECH Ltd, comply with the requirements of the European directives 98/37/EC, 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC and of the European standards EN 50050 and EN 50053-2.

COATTECH has modern production base equipped for the realization of all development stages (from the idea to the finished product):

  • working out of experimental models;
  • construction of independent apparatuses and equipment, design of installations and technological lines, including mechanical part, electrical part, control measuring instruments and automatics, electrics and pneumatics;
  • production of apparatuses, equipment and installations;
  • production of electrical boards, electronic and pneumatic modules, electrostatic guns;
  • installation of equipment;
  • technical guidance of installation, putting into operation and guarantee test;
  • service of supplied equipment.

Bulgarian and foreign firms – from Macedonia , Albania , Armenia , Byelorussia , Italy , Serbia , Kosovo - are its customers..


Series manual apparatuses for powder paintinng type CESS®

The series Manual apparatuses for powder painting type CESS®, offered by COATTECH Ltd, include 6 types of apparatuses in classical and special carrying out. They all are delivered ready to work. The classical and special versions differ principally in electropneumatical module - CESS®-PPS or CESS®-ATEL.

The pneumatical module CESS®-PPS is filled with conventional pneumatical elements – manometers, regulators etc. The powder dosing is realized by pressure change, the high voltage is indicated by light-diode scale and the voltage regulation to the spray gun is potentiometric. The electropneumatical module CESS®-ATEL is designed on new principle.

Коаттех ООД

The built-in electronics allows accurate adjustement of optimum powder flow and high voltage to the gun and the set parameters can be controlled on digital display. Previously remembered work regimes are automatically given, depending on choosen coating program. These programs ensure optimum and reproducible painting results.

Optimum painting regimes of plane details, profiles, tubes, complex details, already painted ones are realized by choosing three different painting programs – “Painting plane details”, “Painting profiles and details with grooves” and “Repainting”.

Besides mentionned programs, the system allows programming of other ones, such as painting with metallic paints, enamels etc.

The different diagnostic functions of module are indicated by light-emitting diodes. When the apparatus is switched off the settings are automatically remembered and can be called at any time.

The main components of series Manual apparatuses are the following: electropneumatical module CESS®-PPS or CESS®-ATEL, manual spray gun type EPM-100S and ejector.

The apparatus type “V” (CESS®-PPS/V and CESS®-ATEL/V) is designed for powder use directly from the powder packing and for quick and easy colour change.

The apparatus type “T” (CESS®-PPS/T and CESS®-ATEL/T) is designed for treatment of big powder quantity, when big powder flow is required or at work with two component paints. The apparatus contains reservoir, having fluidization option.

The apparatus type “6L” (CESS®-PPS/6L and CESS®-ATEL/6L) contains fluidizing 6 l reservoir. It is exceptionnally suitable and effective for small series details and quick colour change.

Series manual and automatic coating sets type CEN®
Коаттех ООД

The electrostatic coating sets, developed and produced by COATTECH Ltd are basic equipment of installations and technical lines, offered by the firm.

The wide variety of metallic details and products and the wide range of requirements, such as productivity, kind of paint etc, have provoked the creation of different equipment types. Regardless of variety of types, series CEN® of coating sets include the following main modules:

  • coating booth;
  • regenerating unit with automatic blowing through system;
  • air purifying booth with built-in explosion protected ventilator and high efficient air filters;
  • powder supplying system;
  • coating system including electrostatic gun, electrostatic modules, ejectors etc;
  • pneumatic system;
  • electrical switchboard.
Коаттех ООД  

Set type CEN®-17/U3 is remarkable with its closed booth. The details that will be coated are put in the aperture for coating. It is suitable for small production series of details of maximum size 1 000 mm..

Коаттех ООД

The sets type CEN®-08/U4, CEN®-08R/U4, CEN®-12/U4 and CEN®-21/U3 are universal coating equipment. They include universal changeable regenerating unit with 4 filter elements, as well as universal powder feeding apparatus. They find application in the production of wide range of products, such as tube furniture, boilers, electrical switchboards, refrigerators, illuminants, shelfs etc. They can be built into conveyor.

Set type CEN®-08/U5 has additional opposite operation post, served by second gun. It is suitable for painting of details of big length (up to 6-8 m), such as tube articles, metallic doors, parapets etc

Коаттех ООД

Set type CEN®-19/U6 is passage with two operation posts, one-sided situated. It is suitable to build into technological installation with big productivity.

Set type CEN®- 18/U6 is passage with two opposite posts. It includes two regenerating units with 3 or 4 filter elements, two powder feeding apparatuses and two electrostatic coating systems. It is designed for building into mechanized technological lines, requiring two-sided coating of long detaiils, such as aluminium and steel profiles, metallic sheets, doors, woodwork etc.

Set type CEN®-20/U8 is designed for automatic painting in technological lines with continuously moving conveyor. It includes automatic regenerating system with two units, equipped with 4 filter elements, system for continuous sieving of polymer powder. It has 2 manipulators and 4 automatic guns. The set control is realized by central control unit that can be equipped with system for identification of products by size. An operation post with manual gun is foreseen in case of coating correction. It finds application in technological lines for batch production of articles, such as radiators, boilers, refrigerators fire-extinguishers etc.

Devices for powder electrostatic coating

The Electrostatic powder coating machine APEN® - 30 G 1(2) is one of the latest COATTECH machines, designed as a result of a consequent further development of the preceding models APEN®, CESS® and especially of the model APEN® - 150/2.

This new machine can be used for powdering of cables, wires, hoses, profiles and bands with powders like talc, stearate, superabsorbent powders (SAP) and so on. APEN® - 30 G 1(2) provides precise coating, in order to meet the needs for high speed and quality. It has some new systems, concerning fluidization, process of purifying filters, microdosing and spraying. This give us an opportunity to decrease dimensions, air consumption to 3-4 times and capacity about 2 times, keeping the quality and output.

Electrical and drying ovens
  • PF-60PВ/6х1.8х1.2
  • PF-24 РхВ/2х18х1.2
  • APXO-26/1.6х1.8
  • АPХО-36/1.6х1.2
Technological installations and lines

COATTECH Ltd designs and delivers technological installations and lines. The company`s specialists seek an individual solution for every client, depending on his needs and requirements – from installations with small productivity to line production installations with automaic coating sets.

The technological lines include:

  • systems for preliminary treatment – tub equipment or swift flowing treatment equipment;
  • stoving and drying ovens of different construction and parameters, according to the client`s requirements;
  • coating equipment;
  • transport equipment.
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