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The company was established in 2004 with main business -trade, import and manufacture of wrought iron. For the convenience of the customer, we offer and supplies for the construction and subsequentmaintenance of the manufactured products. „SOKRATES 1” LTD is a distributor of the Turkish
Magic of Wrought Iron
Immerse yourself in the magic of iron and fire, the world of wrought iron products and products specialists team worked with great professionalism and diligence.
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We are experts in what we do:

The Socrates Bulgaria team is engaged with wrought iron production and does cover all the details involving manufacturing wrought iron products with great details, various elements and models. Thought the years we were able to gather an amazing team of experts who know iron in its depth for it is the most important factor leading to quality. We are thankful for their efforts, selflessness and that they love their work.

Сoкратес 1 We have experts which creative hands make wrought iron handmade masterpieces. When combining quality iron and great experts’ work you surеly get unique wrought iron products. In that way every detail, element, product which is handmade has unique outlook, quality, life and endurance. Considering the above and adding modern secure technologies products become more and more beautiful and strong, they endure weather and temperature conditions. Using machines and technologies can’t be avoided because experts need them to present greater variety of products, details, sizes and shapes. We have cold and hot water wrought iron production machines, forging machines, cold straining machines, black and color welding, bending and twisting tough materials and round iron.

Our smith craftsmen and machines’ experts can do for you any kind of wrought iron products such as C and S models, elements for railings, gratings and other, in any form and unique shape you would like.

We aim to satisfy every wish you have and we try to develop, improve, find new partners, for we know our clients need assurance, guaranty and fare prices.
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From project to finished product
Sokrates Bulgaria has resources and a wide range of elements, ornaments and motives, which can be combined in ready preliminary design of the customer or our own project to reach one complete product and to cover even the highest expectations.

The team of Sokrates Bulgaria already twelve years tries to develop for you – our clients. to meet all requirements of consumer, the products to comply with the latest trends. the quality and speed are a priority in the activities.