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BACHVAROV – I. P. Company

Import-export, wholesale, resale of rolling bearings
Sofia, Само за платени пакети

We trade with rolling bearings, rotary shaft seals and O-rings - industrial and automobile. Our trade activity is: - Export, wholesale, resale of the complete nomenclature rolling bearings, manufactured by “VMZ” Js C. - Sopot, Bulgaria (now named "SBB" - SKF Bearings Bulgaria) - Import, re-export, wholesale, resale of rolling bearings, produced in Russia and in China – the mass series and the specific GOST series - Import, re-export, wholesale, resale of industrial and automobile rolling bearings produced by leading European, Japanese and Korean bearing manufacturers (FAG; KBC; KBS; NSK; PFI; SKF; SNR; ZKL) - Rolling bearings export and re-export to the Central European countries and the countries from Eastern Europe - Import, re-export, wholesale, resale of rotary shaft seals and O-rings produced in Germany and Czech Republic (DPH; Dihtomatik; Gufero; Rubena; SOG) For the comfort of our clients we can deliver all by - Our own transport - for big quantities - Railway - for small quantities - Post delivery services Most of the positions can be offered directly from Duty Free Zone in Bulgaria. Our shop and office in Sofia: 17, Georgi Sava Rakovski St (the corner with Timok St and G.S.Rakovski St) Working time: Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 18.00 h In the field of bearing business we intend to widen the range of exports and to expand the contacts with other companies that trade with rolling bearings. Please inform us which are the basic series you are interested in. We can offer you: - Rolling bearings - URB, DKF, ZKL, GPZ kept in stock in Bulgaria - Rolling bearings - VMZ (SBB), kept in stock in Bulgaria and new production from the works - Rolling bearings - new import from Russia and from China, kept in stock at Duty Free Zone in Bulgaria If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. Manager: Ivan Bachvarov


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