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Talas and Akra LTD

With great pleasure we present to you the companies "Aiger-Talasakra" LTD and "Talas and Akra" LTD, successors of the already known companies for architecture, construction and construction supervision "Talasakra" LTD and "Talas" LTD.
For Us With great pleasure we present to you the companies "Aiger-Talasakra" LTD and "Talas and Akra" LTD, successors of the already known companies for architecture, construction and construction supervision "Talasakra" LTD and "Talas" LTD. "Aiger-Talasakra" LTD is a company for Independent Supervision in design and construction " Talas and Akra" LTD is a Construction and Architecture company Independent Construction Supervision The company for supervisory activities in designing and construction was founded in 1999 under the name " Talasakra" LTD and in 2007 was restructured and renamed as "Aiger-Talasakra" LTD "Aiger-Talasakra" LTD has an issued Licence № LK-589/08.10.2007 for consultancy services within the meaning of article 166 paragraph 2 of the Spatial Development Act and is accredited to: perform estimation of compliance for investment projects, concerning construction sites from first to fifth category exercise construction supervision of construction sites from first to fifth grade Supervision in construction Supervision in in design Preparation of all necessary regulations and protocols Periodic monitoring of the implementation of the construction Preparation of final report examination of the design documentation on the individual parts stamping of all parts of the project with company seal preparation of a report on the conformity assessment Independent Construction Supervision “Aiger-Talasakra " Ltd. forms its supervisory teams according to the type of construction sites and carries out its services and obligations through the selection among specialists - associates that have rich working experience and proven skills. We are pleased to declare that we do not have any sanctions imposed on us for allowed omissions. During its10 years of activity the company has put into operation more than 70 sites of different nature. Therefore " Aiger-Talasakra" LTD would be proud to become Your trusted, stable and reliable partner during the realization of your inspiring and ambitious projects. Architecture and Design Second in the list of services, but not the last, are the architectural and overall construction design. Anyone wishing to order the preparation of an overall architectural design or construction project can do it directly on tel 056/960 387 or at our office on "Patriarch Evtimii" 13 street, Burgas (in the Old Court area) Construction All kinds of construction repairs under the most favorable conditions - speed, quality and low price. Construction company " Talas and Akra" Ltd. is a regular member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria. Registered with certificate № 30204/01.07.2009, and can perform constructions from third to fifth category, as well as construction and installation works from the fifth category. The company is certified under ISO 9001:2008 for the activities of design, industrial and civil construction and vertical leveling. The offered by us construction services include: вhigh construction - rough construction and finishing works; repair (internal and external) and reconstruction of buildings; repair, replacement and the construction of roof structures; waterproofing; the construction of vertical leveling; Construction Over the past 15 years company has built dozens of buildings - residential buildings, hotels, holiday villages, mixed-use buildings, industrial plants, etc. Our company has been selected as the contractor on some projects for repair and reconstruction of buildings under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" programme, such as: Archaeological Museum of Sozopol Drama Theatre "Adriana Budevska" Burgas The building of the Old post, Burgas In the field of construction, the company's main goal isquality at favorable for customers financial terms, meeting the undretaken deadlines and obligations. " Talas and Akra" Ltd. performs construction activities in terms of commissioning and compensation. Energy Efficiency Energy surveys, design and certification of buildings. Consulting services. " Talasakra" Ltd. provides activities in the field of energy efficiency. The company is registered in the public register of persons performing energy audits and certification of buildings, acc. Article 23, paragraph 4 of the Law for energy efficiency, for which we have an issued Certificate № 167/10.08.2009 by the EEA. We havethe most advanced and precise measuring equipment. We employ recognized experts in the field of construction and design, who in recent years have acquired additional skills needed to carry out activities in the field of energy efficiency, according to the latest legal requirements. The main services, that we offer are: Conformity assessment of investment projects in energy efficiency Preparation of energy passports Certification Investigation of existing and new buildings for energy efficiency The company performs investigation and certification for energy effectiveness of hotels. After obtaining the corresponding certificate, they may be exempt from property tax for 3/5 / or 5/10 / years www.talas-akra.com