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Preskov AD

Preskov AD is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturer of hot forged parts in Bulgaria, founded in 1900. The company manufactures a wide range of products of weight from 0.300 kg to 25 kg which are designed for various branches such as energy industry, machine engineering, transport, agriculture, hydraulics, mining and manufacture of lifting, transport and construction machines. The company has its own division for design and manufacture of tools for hot forging and die forging of metals. The tool manufacturing process (design and construction of dies for presses and air-steam hammer) is backed by an advanced IDEAS CAD-CAM system. The company has implemented the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality control system and has certificate for design, development and manufacture of forgings and forging-pressing tooling. The production facilities of the company are located in the industrial part of Stara Zagora on an area of 116,000 sq.m. The main production includes forgings by the hot die forging method of weight from 0.300 kg up to 25 kg. The capacity of the plant is 8,000 tons per year at a single shift.   Machinery Preparation shop Has press shears– 230 t, 315 t, 500 t, 630 t and 1000 t. Mostly round bars are used and the maximum size is up to dia. 130 mm. In addition, to press shears there are also band saws and hydraulic saws. Forging shop Has 20 forging machines consisting of heater unit (induction), forging machine (eccentric press) and trimming machine. • Lines 1600 t with induction heater 450 kW and trimming press 160 t – 7 pcs., max. size of forgings of about 5kg and diameter of about 170 mm. • Lines 2500 t with induction heater 450 kW and trimming press 250 t – 5 pcs., max. size of forgings of about 16 kg and diameter up to 234 mm. • Forging line ( air hammer) 5 t with induction heater 800 kW and trimming press 630 t – 1 pc., forgings of max. size of about 25 kg and dia. up to 340 mm • Forging line ( air hammer) 3 t with induction heater 750 kW and trimming press 400 t • Forging lines HFM (horizontal forging machines) - HFM 400 t – 1 pc. - HFM 800 t – 1 pc. - HFM 1200 t – 1 pc. - HFM 1250 t - 1 pc. Maximum size of the flange driven in is of diameter about 160 mm. • Friction press line 250 t, gas heater and trimming press 63 t. • Line for forks for lift trucks – for manufacture of any sizes of forks for motor and electric lift trucks of max. size 60 х 140 х 1150 mm. Heat treatment shop • Has two tunnel units for hardening of forgings, respectively in oil and water plus normalizing furnaces. Each unit is of capacity 1.5 t/hour • In addition to these, there are three normalizing furnaces. The shop has also two shaft furnaces, one of size dia. 170 х 3800, the other – dia. 1800 х 1500. • The company has a large number of chamber furnaces for the tool manufacture. Cleaning shop Has three shot blasting machines, the biggest one being of capacity 1.5 t/hour. Tool shop The company has its own tool manufacture. It employs universal lathes and milling machines, copying, programmable and spark erosion machines. The largest die that can be manufactured is of size 600 х 600 х 450 mm. Repair shop In addition to the tool shop, there is a repair shop covering fully the needs of the company and machining section. It has lathes С 10, С 11, С 13, К 16; facing lathe with a chuck of size 2,000 mm; milling machines FU 256, FU 321, boring machines, milling-planing machines, etc. Other departments The company has a department for preparation of design documentation, its own chemical laboratory with a LEKO apparatus measuring the content of sulphur and carbon, chemical method for measuring of all chemical elements. Also, a mechanical testing laboratory. Raw steel material at the company input is checked by ultrasonic testing. In addition, the company has its own 8 MW power substation.   Products Preskov AD is the only Bulgarian company specialized in the manufacture of forgings in carbon and alloy steel. Preskov AD manufactures a wide range of forged parts of weight up to 25 kg which are intended widely for the following industry branches : • Machine building • Construction • Hydraulics and pneumatics • Agriculture and automobile industry • Fork lift trucks (manufacture of forks)