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Ecoengineering - 96 OOD

The main company's activities is in the field of services as well as in the production of metal constructions. The company is specilized in the laser scission; it also provides weldings, jim-crow and production of details and junctions - performing locksmith operations. The company
Ecoengineering 96 Ltd PRICISE LASER CUTTING                About us: Ecoengineering 96 Ltd was founded in 1996 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by the partners eng. Svetoslav Shopov, eng. Bozhidar Krastev, and eng. Stoycho Makev. The company specializes in the field of laser processing technology. Ecoengineering 96 Ltd has the team and the technologies for further processing of the details by bending, welding and mechanic operations. Another activity is the production of equipment for wastewater treatment.                Services: Ecoengineering 96 Ltd provides quality, fast and optimal laser cutting by laser complexes TRUMPF with accuracy +/- 0,1 mm and size of the sheet 1500х3000 mm. Thickness of the processed material: Low carbon steels - up to 25 mm Stainless steel - up to 20 mm Aluminum - up to 12 mm Ecoengineering 96 Ltd performs processing of parts by bending, welding and mechanic operations.                Equipment: The production base of Ecoengineering 96 Ltd is located at 1250 square meter of built-up area in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 3 Georgi Benev Str. We have the following equipment: TRUMPF TruLazer 5030 L16, 5000 W; TRUMPF 3030 Classic, 3200 W; Pressbrake Baycal APH 3108h160; Guillotine, rolls machine, drills, welding machines and others.                Ecology: Ecoengineering 96 Ltd offers production of machinery and equipment for purification and biological treatment of wastewater. DISKOSTREYNER Disc Flter for purification of liquids polluted with admixtures SURFACE AERATOR Surface aerator for aeration of waste water             www.ecoengineering96.com