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Saving of electric power Ltd.

T ying you find a reliable partner and a strong ally for everything concerning the production of electricity, saving electricity, quick and cost of heating your water and energy audit. In this site you will find information on how to sarzhete us who we are, what products and services a
Systems for saving electricity Production of systems for saving electricity. Panels for energy efficiency of active consumers (active el.tovari) for the food, confectionery, canning and dairy Promishlenost.Hoteli, ovens, bakery, water heaters, furnaces management of baking from 0 to 400?C with built energy-saving system and wherever there heaters (coils). Boards Saving Electricity Production of Boards Saving Electricity of Commons. Proven savings of electricity over 30%. Wind power Production of wind power to 10 kw of wind turbine impeller is vertical S type rotary surface of the torsion principle and low wind speed above 1.5 meters per second. In combination with electric. Boilers and reaches up to 100% savings. LED lighting We offer delivery, installation, start plants to full operation of small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants of polymorphous silicon with low intensity of illumination of boards and flexible circuit boards.