An offer for Design, Implementation, and Assembly of Stained Glass Stained glass is made of Bulgarian hand-made glass: cathedral - Saint Gobain; opalescent - Paul Wisman; Russian industrial, Chech, Brazilian, Spanish, Belgian etc., coloured or ornamented. Stained glass is made after the classical technology of the XI century. No imitations are allowed or surface glass colouring that would reduce the effect’s longevity. All glasses are coloured in depth which is a warrant that they will not change with time. Another used technique is Tiffany. It is made after the technology and with the materials created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Stained glass can be assembled into all types of joinery: wood, metal, aluminium etc. It can be integrated in a glass package or mounted over an already assembled glass package. Yet another technique used is bilateral glass frosting. It can be implemented on all types of glasses with no restrictions as to glass size or thickness. This technique provides for a variety of patterns and nuances of the frosted surfaces. Frosted glass is fixed thereby avoiding the annoying finger marks and relieving maintenance. The realization of each project starts by a home visit so that the designer gets acquainted with the interior. Then, depending on furniture style, dominating colours, illumination, and customer’s preferences, a couple of projects are elaborated. No standard designs of mass projects are used. Nothing is multiplied. Each solution is individual and unique. Prices cover design, implementation, and assembly on the territory of Sofia Citi. Orders from the other parts of the country are also accepted, but in this case transportation costs are charged, too if delivery is effected by the author. Lighting fixtures of all types are worked out: desktop, handing, standing, ceiling- or wall-fixed. Here again, no standard designs or sizes are provided. Depending on the space to be illuminated, different sizes, forms, colours, power, and types are recommended. Nomenclature also includes luminous ceilings, screens, separating walls, stained glass to be embedded in cupboards’ doors, overall designs. The work team includes a designer; a furniture workshop; a workshop for brass and wrought iron articles; firms producing joinery etc.