"VS Bulgaria ltd"
Web design, building a website, online shop, CMS system and other, SEO, advertising art, graphic design, prepress, press, photography.
Our mission is to create high quality visual identities for our clients at an affordable price.

If the visual marketing materials are creatively designed they are powerful means of conveying your business messages and remembering by current and future customers.

Images are saved far more lasting in our minds, compared to the spoken messages. So they are crucial in marketing, independently whether it comes to single campaign or to long term of imposition of corporate identity.

We will find those elements that distinguish you from the competition and emphasize your individuality and we will help you to bring them to the fore with professionalism, customized solutions and proper market positioning.
Target Group:
Design studio "VS Bulgaria ltd" can build overall corporate identity of your business-choice of visual elements and colors, creating a suitable design to complete web applications, digital or printed products.
  • Web design
  • building a website, online shop, CMS system and other
  • SEO
  • advertising art
  • graphic design
  • prepress, press
  • photography
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We are flexible, responsible, have a creative approach and we are focused on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

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