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LOVELA Ltd. was established in 2009 with main activity - trading and processing of round timber. The company has a newly constructed base on an area of ??20 decares, on the territory of Slivo pole town, district of Ruse.
LOVELA Ltd. was established in 2009 with main activity - trading and processing of round timber. The company has a newly constructed base on an area of ??20 decares, on the territory of Slivo pole town, district of Ruse.For the production of firewood, in 2010 the company purchased Slovenian processor for cutting and splitting with a capacity of 50 m / cub. per shift. For the loading and unloading activity, the company relies on self-propelled hydraulic crane for round material and three-ton diesel forklift manufactured by the British giant JCB.The packaging of the firewood is carried out in nets (type gatsa), specially manufactured ??for the purpose of Trini Force Ltd, with a volume of 1m/cub. This packaging helps the subsequent drying of the wood, in order to achieve maximum calorific values during the burning. PRODUCTS In a sense, firewood are the perfect fuel. They are inexpensive and easily obtained. Unlike coal and oil firewood is common wherever people are living.They are the fuel that does not require special processing.They burn easily, without the need for special equipment to release their energy. And the most important - firewood is an energy source , which never depletes. If timely precautions are taken for the recovery of the cut down for fuel trees, there will be a continuous supply of wood as an energy source.Other fuels can not be restored after use. When the stocks of oil, coal and natural gas runs out completely, we simply will not have such fuels anymore. The creation of new supplies of coal and oil in the ground will take millions of years. ROUND MATERIAL OAK (Genus QUERCUS)Oak occupies about 35% of the forest reserve in Bulgaria. The most widely distributed are the following types:- Winter oak (Quercus petraea) - distinguished with its height of 35 metersand diameter of up to 70 cm.- Summer oak (Quercus frainetto) - height of 40 meters and diameter of up to 2 m.- Blagun (Quercus robur) - reaches a height of 25 meters and diameter to 1,2m. BEECH (Fagus)Beech is a genus of deciduous broad-leaved trees, distributed in the Northern Hemisphere. The genus has about 10 species. In Bulgarian its name is found in feminine gender as well - buka. Particular characteristics of all the species are the smooth gray bark and large, spindly brown buds with pointed tip. Due to its valuable timber, the species have important economic significance, and due to the fact that beech takes up vast territories, it has environment forming functions . ASH (Fraxinus)Ash is a genus of deciduous trees. In our country it can be found on the slopes of Stara Planina, Rila and Rhodope Mountains. It is also found in areas along the Danube, river Kamchia and others. The ash tree reaches up to 40 m of hight, usually reaches a thickness up to 1 m in diameter, and age - 250 years. The thickest ash tree in the country is located in the Longozna forest, near the village of Staro Oryahovo, Varna. The circumference of the trunk is 9 meters and its height - 30 meters . The bark of the ash is cracked in the form of mesh, it gets greenish to brown. TURKEY OAK (Quercus cerris)The Turkey oak ia a deciduous tree with a strong root system, which penetrates deep into the ground. The Turkey oak is relatively unpretentious towards the environmental conditions and withstands high and low temperatures. The Turkey oak is drought resistant species and develops optimally in drier and warmer conditions. The Turkey oak reaches a height of 30 to 35 meters, its bark is very distinctive, gray-black in color and deeply and roughly cracked . It can therefore be recognized only by its bark. The age limit of the Turkish oak is 600 to 700 years. HORNBEAM (Carpinus betulus)The common hornbeam is a tree with highly developed root system. Precisely the developed root system makes the hornbeam durable to different conditions of development. The highly developed roots help the the plant in the interspecies struggle. Optimally, the hornbeam develops in sandy forest soils with moderate humidity. The common hornbeam is one of the most common tree species in Bulgaria, but it rarely forms large communities and forests. It mainly occurs as mixed species in beech and oak forests at an altitude of 1500 meters. It is most common in the regions with an altitude of 500 to 1,000 meters, where can be met together with species such as oak and linden. TECHNOLOGY DELIVERYAfter delivery to our warehouse facilities, the round material is sorted and stacked according to the length and the tree genus.TRIMMINGThe processing of roundwood is done by high-performance automated harvester, which ensures accurate and equal length, as well as the size of the logs. According to customer requirements, the length can be adjusted from 25cm to 50cm, and the splitting can be done into 2, 4 or 6 pieces. PACKAGINGFor dimensioning and packaging of finished products we use metal cylinders with volume = 1 m / cub. Upon completion of the filling, the cylinder is removed and the chopped wood remain packaged in a net (type gatsa), specially designed for the needs of Trini Force Ltd. This packaging provides the best conditions for natural drying of the wood.WAREHOUSING