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Теchnomix Ltd. is a Bulgarian company established in 1998. The company has its own commercial and warehouse site, located in the city of Plovdiv, with already developed commercial network throughout the country.
For Us Теchnomix Ltd. is a Bulgarian company established in 1998. The company has its own commercial and warehouse site, located in the city of Plovdiv, with already developed commercial network throughout the country. With its високо highly qualified personnel the company offers expertise and professional service for its customers. Technomix Ltd. offers direct import and trade with machine parts, industrial plastics, polycarbonate sheets, pneumatic automation components, pneumatic drives, complete automated units, electric drives, pneumatic sleeving, solenoid valves, stainless steel armature and fittings. Plastics Valves Cranes Pneumatics Our clients are: Vidima JSC., Ideal Standart JSC, Lukoil Bulgaria, KCM JSC, Agria JSC., Kamenica JSC., Coca-cola Bulgaria, INDEX-6 Ltd., Alexandris Engineering Ltd., Heineken Zagorka Brewery and others. Partners The company is an exclusive representative of: Ensinger Gmbh - Germany, industrial plastics - billets / rods, plates and tubes /. Omal S.p.A. - Italy, pneumatic drives, electric drives, complete automated units. Valvoinox S.r.l. - Italy, Stainless AISI304 - Valves, pipe-connection, Nipple unions, Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Adapters, Check valves, Spherical cranes. M&M International S.r.L. - Italy, solenoid valves - 2/2, 3/2, Analog and digital electronic timers. Airtec Pneumatic Gmbh - Germany - pneumatic automation components. Ensinger - engineering plastics When in 1966 Wilfried Enzinger is in a garage with simple tools and trying to process raw material into billets, through the method of extrusion, he did not have the slightest clue that his effort would one day enjoy a great success. His sensation of new areas of application and his ability to get something technically accomplished , makes it possible for him to become a pioneer in the development of multifunctional engineering plastics. And so during the following forty years he and his initiative co-workers develop and produce, by using innovative methods, the most diverse structural engineering plastics. Today ENSINGER, under the guidance of the second generation, with nearly 1,400 employees on all continents is working on new concepts and solutions. Ensinger - engineering plastics Polyamides - casted marks TECAST T - PA 6 G color - natur (yellow). Casted polyamide with good friction and damping properties and excellent processability. TECAST TМ - PA 6 G color - black. Casted polyamide with thick and optimal crystalline structure - high resistance to k-flow and wear, best resistance to heat aging and excellent processability. TECAGLIDE color - green, modified cast polyamide PA6G with extremely low coefficient of friction (~ 0.15), which contains polymer smears. Excellent behavior with respect to the Stick-Slip-effect. Ensinger - polyamides Main features: high mechanical strength, imperviousness, hardness and toughness, high mechanical damping ability , very high abrasion resistance, good fatigue strength, good friction properties and the ability to prevent severe damage during operational disturbances. Polyethylene terephthalate TECADUR PET Main characteristics: high mechanical strength, hardness and insusceptibility, low and constant number of sliding friction, physiologically inert (suitable for the food Industry), very good k-flow resistance, very high abrasion resistance, finite water absorption, very high dimensional stability. Ensinger - engineering plastics Polyacetals (POM) ТECAFORM Main characteristics: high mechanical strength, hardness and insusceptibility, good k-flow resistance, excellently processed swarf separation , good characteristics slide, high impact strength even at low temperatures, limited water absorption, physiologically inert (suitable for the food industry). Polycarbonate TECANAT PC Main characteristics: transparency, extremely tough, good electrical insulation, possibility of welding and gluing. Polyphenylene sulphides TECATRON TECATRON GF 40 - PPS GF 40 polyphenylene sulfide with the addition of 40% glass fiber color - white and gray. Excellent combination of characteristics , regarding the durability, mechanical load and dimensional stability, as well as in contact with chemicals and high temperatures. Recommended for construction material when the highest requirements are brought in, in terms of temperature resistance, k-flow resistance, chemical durability and sustainability. Very high upper thermal threshold of usage + 230 ° C - continuously , +260 C - briefly. Addition of 40% glass fibers - high hardness. Ensinger - engineering plastics Polietereterketones TECAPEEK TECAPEEK - PEEK color - gray: High upper temperature limit of usage + 260C - continuous; + 310C - briefly. Excellent mechanical properties - strength, insusceptibility, hardness, even at high temperatures. Excellent chemical resistance and resistance to hydrolysis even above 260C. Good electrical insulation properties and resistance to power exposure. TECAPEEK- GF 30 - PEEK color - gray: Addition of 30% glass fibers for increased stiffness. TECAPEEK PVX - PEEK color - gray: The addition of carbon fibers, PTFE and graphite - high mechanical strength and a lower number of sliding friction. Recommended for the highest requirements for sliding bearings. Polyimides SINTIMID SINTIMID - PI polyimide-black color. Material for high temperatures and extreme conditions In terms of wear resistance. Great k-flow resistance and exceptional hardness. Its benefits are limited conductivity and excellent sliding properties. Temperature resistance from -270C to + 300C - continuous, briefly to + 350C. SINTIMID 15 G - PI CS 15 polyimide with 15% graphite color - anthracite. Lubrication effect thanks to the graphite. Improved durability. Ensinger - engineering plastics Polyethylenes TECAFINE Main characteristics: unbreakability, lightness (low density), excellent wear resistance, very good chemical persistence, weather resistance, very good insulation properties, excellent sliding properties (self-lubricating), temperature resistance from -250C to +80C, physiological inertness suitable for the food industry Polypropylene and PVC TECAFINE PP -gray color RAL7032 - high melting point, large thermal resistance, low density. TECAVINYL PVC - color dark gray RAL 7011 - temperature resistance to 60C, excellent chemical resistance. www.technomix.bg