Air Cargo - Import & Export - worldwide - door-to-door service on request - comprehensive information network from order to delivery using S.P.O.T. - space guarantee at peak periods thanks to reserved freight spaces - Proof of Delivery immediately available for imports - AWB available via E-Mail prior to departure - prompt calculation Sea Cargo - Import & Export - door-to-door - worldwide - online-enquiries - online sailing schedule on www.cargo-partner.com/sailinglist - comprehensive information network from order to delivery using S.P.O.T. (Shipment, Position, Order, Tracking) - fast and reliable - goods handled only by specially trained operatives - customs and transit clearance ROAD-Xpress - Area-wide network across Europe - Wholly-owned cargo-partner offices in Western-, Central-, and Eastern Europe - Centrally located logistic hubs (FIS, BTS, BUD, PRU) - Door-to-Door - High departure frequency - language competence of our employees - Handling of all clearance formalities - Simple rates - Optimized price / service range - Whole concept for all logistics services Integrated Logistics The flow of material plays a decisive role when creating added value. cargo-partner is a high-tech logistics provider who knows how to accelerate and optimise important processes. Top-notch equipment and our highly qualified employees are our strongest assets. Our clients benefit from our professional warehousing concepts tailored to suit each and every client's needs. "we take it personally" - this is our philosophy. It includes a strong belief in customer service and utmost dedication on the part of our experts. A difference you will feel and see in all stages of our cooperation.