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Kloeckner Metalsnab

Metalsnab Bulgaria In2007MetalsnabHoldingADbecamepart ofthe big concern of Klöckner & Co, which expanded the network of companies in Eastern Europe. Klöckner & Co the biggest independentmulti-metal and steel distributor onthe European andUSmarketscelebratedits 100-th anniversaryin2006. The mainbusiness ofhe Company Kl?ckner & Co Group is trade in metal products and steel distribution. The Company has approximately 210 000 customers serviced at 240 trade subsidiaries in 14 European countries and in North America. With the committed work of approximately 10 000 employees the Company reached a turnover of about 5 billion Euro in financial year 2005. On June 28, 2006 – exactly 100years after its establishment it was enlisted on the Stock Exchange. Since its establishment in 1906 the Central Office has been based in the German town of Duisburg and its main sphere of activity was distribution of steel and metals. Along with this specialization in the last hundred years there were series of cases of diversification of products in a number of trade activities. Thus, the Company during various periods traded in unrefined oils, chemicals and construction materials, and parallel to that it gained an impetus in the field of transportation and construction of industrial facilities across the world. Since 1998 onwards Klöckner & Co has focused again on its traditional business – trade in steel and metals and affirmed itself as a modern and state-of-the-art multi-metal distributor. Today the Company works actively on all big markets in Europe and North America. It has been owned by Lindsay, Goldberg & Bessemer. Since the end of 2006, exactly 100 years after its establishment, the Company has been on the Stock Exchange and in this way left its signature: In times of acceleration of the processes of agglomeration and consolidation in the metal trade sector, Kl?ckner & Co has proclaimed its intentions to reinforce its leading position as an international distributor proving that the 100-year-long success story continues. The history of “Metalsnab Bulgariq”began unfolding in 1950 – then, the first state organization for trade and supply of metals in the country was announced. During its existence it procured the country’s economy with over 160 million tons of metals. In the past 160 years or so the Company changed its name several times but preserved and extended its market orientation and spheres of activity with no let up, playing a key role in the infrastructure construction of Bulgaria. It disposes of a base for the building and development of the basic economic sectors – machine construction and assembly, construction, energy industry, electronics, etc. In the transition period the monopolistic state enterprise faced the challenge of liberalization and emerging market conditions, the entry of new players on the market of metals and the inevitable need for restructuring and streamlining of activities with the aim to preserve its majority market share in the business. The most significant advance in the development of the Company could be observed in the years after its privatization - in 1998, after the investment of over 10 million BGN in the reconstruction and upgrade of the existing material base as well as the commissioning in operation of new production facilities. The prosperity of the Company is ensured by the preservation and development of its unique infrastructure– an integrated network of warehouses and administrative bases and service centers is located in 8 of the biggest industrial and transportation junctions in the country, on an area of over 500 000 м2. Some of the serious steps which marked the road for contemporary development and benchmark achievements in the sector in the very first years after its privatization comprised the implementation of the international system for quality management ISO 9001:2000. The intent of the Company to accomplish its distinguishing advantage with regard to its reliability and accuracy among its partners in the chain of supplies was reflected in the conferring of a credit rating „BBB” in several consecutive years. As a trade brand on the market during the last decades the Company made a name for itself as „Metalsnab”, which was the basis and safeguard for its good reputation and highly appreciated authority on the international and domestic metals markets. The accrued positive trade reputation and successful past have created the necessary prerequisites for its natural structural development that brought about the new Company’s name - Kl?ckner Metalsnab AD. The new name the Company assumed after its being acquired by the undisputable world leader in multi-metal distribution Kloeckner & Co Wervaltung - a deed which made it a key part of the multinational concern and equipped it with the enhanced capacity to carry out its activities in Eastern Europe. Products Sheets Flat Products, cold rolled, Flat Products, coated Plates Flat Products, hot rolled, Flat Products - Heavy Plates Merchant bars / sections Hot rolled heavy Sections (H/I/U ? 80 mm), Hot rolled Merchant Bars, Electrodes / Welding Items Reinforcing steel Profiles / hollow sections Other long products Sheet Piling, Railway Material, Semi-finished Products, Wire rods Quality / bright / special / tool steel Carbon Steels (rolled, forged), Alloyed Steels - rolled, forged, Carbon and Alloyed Steels bright Stainless Stainless Flat Products, Stainless Long Products, Stainless Tubes Tubes Welded round Steel Tubes Seamless round Steel Tubes Hollow Sections (square / rectangular) Fittings (FE) Non-ferrous Aluminium,Copper, Bronze, Zinc Others