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Automator OOD

The CEMark Company focuses on industrial marking on professional level. Industrial marking is a term which includes a permanent marking of products and parts during the production process which cannot be deleted.
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Video from Automator OOD

Automator nanoVISII laser marking on motorbike parts - video 1

NEW Automator marking laser nanoVISII - video 2

Automator laser marking datamatrix on steel - video 3

Automator ADP5000 Special Tags Embosser - video 4

Need to go deeper? Our deep marking solutions for you - video 5

Marcatura Automator a Punto vibrato - video 6

Laser marking electri component - video 7

Electric component laser marked with Automator marker - video 8

Sistema di marcatura laser Automator ARENA con portellone manuale - video 9

Automator ARENA Laser Marking System in Manual Door Opening mode - video 10

war tank part marking with Automator dot peen - video 11