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Pen silhouette

Industry in student's uniforms citizenry attires stages carnivals suits commercials, wears at pubs hotels, majorettes suits garments about order.
Plovdiv, ul. Brezovsko shose № 145

Pen silhouette is made in a may 1990 in plovdiv town and age is lead for long years in production of childhood official and daily wears for children for 012 гсдишни. From 2000 the company extends its production with extra activities. Projecting various types of clothings and accessories does industry at the time. It features own industry bases for rivet line sieve-stamp needlework. Clothings that the company makes and offers are in numerous various areas by as : Industry to park attires in different areas theatrical, carnivals, historic, of Fairytale Champions, promotions and commercial clothings uniforms for work a school uniforms clothings for ballroom dancings clothings for pubs and hotels even special for concrete case. It extends commercial bags keepsakes щапки and other accessories. On all clothings and accessories logos or another inscriptions in a print or an embroidery can at wanting the customer be rated. The team to the company, can propose architect's solutions about the stocks pushed by you made as well and services for you for you. As guaranteeing you originality and function of those who were laboured From us clothings and accessories.