Kintrade Ltd was found in 1996 and since then the company import polyethylene from Arpechim, HIP, Chemopetrol, TVK. Since 1998 the company offer to the Bulgarian market polyethylene foam foils. In 2004 was built the new factory of

ЕТ ”Мавро - Христо Мавродиев” работи на българския пазар от 1997 г. Предмет на дейност на фирмата е внос и търговия на канцелар

We have the pleasure to present You some of our products that are connected with the consummation of hot and cold drinks, ice-creams, product for single use in the pharmaceutical industry, etc. We are small firm founded 7 years ago, with tendency toward

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Nachev Company Ltd. was established in 1991. Over the years the company gained expertise and specializes in the manufacture of plastics for food use.

DG Consulting is a Bulgarian company, located in Sofia, specialized in consultancy for prepareing and shipping dangerous goods in compliance with regulations. With a qualified consultancy we can help you in all steps that you need to ship dangerous goods properly.

Damrax LTD is specializes in production of hand made paper bags, BOPP printing, wrapping materials, ribbons for flowers and gifts. The factory is located in the town of Pernik in Bulgaria and has modern facilities and equipment.Your requirements in aesthetics, artistic beauty and

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Scientific and information servicing of the pulp and paper industry. Perform testing of cellulose, paper, cardboard. Produces adhesives for labels and packaging, phyto-preparations, advertising materials.

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