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Preparations FM blocker, H-F blocker for eliminating harmful discoloration in blanching or boiling / including convection ovens / - potatoes, cauliflower, rice, mushrooms, cabbage - for drying garlic - for drying, potatoe dough and more.

New generation of online store for delivery of food products. Guaranteed low prices for the delivery of the freshest and most qualitative food products online. Deliveries are carried out within the city of Sofia.

Live Long Ltd. was established in 2012 to serve a high-minded idea. If you ask people about longevity, the answer would be positive in favour of a long and healthy life, but not many people have thought about the ways we could help it happen.

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BEA is a German company that is well known to Bulgarian meat manufacturers for 12 years. The company is established in 1970 in Dahau, Bavarian province, and since 1994 it has registered independent headquarters in Sofia as BEA – Bulgaria ltd

MAYA-DY Company Limited was registered on the 31st day of May 1989. The company was established with the one and only owner and president Dr. Dimitrina Yonkova. The main aim of Maya-Dy is the preservation of the national traditions in the field of ethnology and developing innovative

Our experience in the field of plastic articles is mostly linked to development of plastic items for production industries such as transporting containers, crates, trays and plastic pallets which put LOBBI BULGARIA in a leading supplier position for logistics, food and chemical and

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Lactina Ltd. is a biotech company located in Bankya-Sofia, Bulgaria. The economic activity of our company is focused on development and production of a new generation biologically active products: probiotics for humans and animals; single strain cultures for food and drink additives;

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Spices, food additives, yeast

What do you think when you talk about nutritional supplements ? Probably protein shakes and miraculous preparations returning express your youth? but food supplements and herbs - all you add to the basic products to improve their taste or to enrich the nutritional content .

Come to This is the portal of Bulgarian business. You'll be amazed How many companies are engaged in the preparation , processing and distribution of little things that make your daily food more delicious , more likeable , more useful . You will learn about herbs, whose existence may not have and suspected . Perhaps you decide to order this and that , following the links to the corporate websites of retailers . Especially if you are tempted in cooking. Of course , you will find suppliers of dietary supplements , strengthening health and body acting prophylactic or detoxifying . It is important to have a clear official origin. Check it on our portal ! Learn everything you need before you make your choice !

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