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Atlas Cargo Ltd.

Atlas Cargo Ltd offers to its clients international transport services and logistics. The main focus is on international sea and air transport, but the company can also offer road and rail transport as well as container transport.
Атлас Карго ООД
Атлас Карго ООДАтлас Карго ООДАтлас Карго ООД

Атлас Карго ООД

Sea Freight
Атлас Карго ООД

Air Freight
Атлас Карго ООД

Road Freight
Атлас Карго ООД

Rail Freight

About Us:

Atlas Cargo Ltd. is a Bulgarian privately-owned company established to provide logistic services and solutions.

Vision: We always try to provide the best services to our clients. Our service philosophy and company motto is "To be a correct partner".

Team: Our team has the culture to partner trading and production companies and is capable of handling large volumes of cargoes. Our specialists have many years of concentrated experience in the area of freight forwarding and logistics. They are dedicated to use that knowledge to achieve goals in four areas: speed, economy, precision, and safety.

Core Activities: Our major activity is the international sea transportation. We are able to explore competently the efficiency of air, road, rail and container transportation in view of type of cargo, packing, size, destination etc. in order to choose the best conditions for the customer.

Locations: Our head office is situated in Sofia. We have and two sub-offices at the ports Varna and Burgas.