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Rapoli fish-farm is located in the dam Gichata 25 km. from Plovdiv - Bulgaria. Produces maggots for fishing - Carp (scaly and bare), White fish, Sheatfish and Pike.
Rapoli fish-farm ABOUT US: Fish farm Rapoli fish-farm is located in the dam Gichata 25 km. from Plovdiv - Bulgaria. Produces maggots for fishing - Carp (scaly and bare), White fish. Fishpond Fishpond in dam Gichata area is 566,005 ha. It is grown for fishery products and fish for consumption. Fish breeding In Rapoli fish-farm, annually producing fish breading: Carp (scaly and bare), White fish, and fish for consumption. Fish for consumption Fish-farm Rapoli offers fish for consumption - carp, silver carp, white fish and Amur. Fish and fish products Rapoli farm is part of aquaculture in Bulgaria. Aquaculture include activities related to breeding and rearing of fish and fishery products and related technologies resulting in production of them. Fish production In Bulgaria, fish-farm Rapoli has good traditions and prospects for growth in fish production. This is based on the fact that the fishpond has appropriate conditions for development of aquaculture. Fish Carp Carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a freshwater fish, which reaches up to 120 cm in length and 35 kilograms of weight. It is omnivorous, taking an early age eats plankton and weight gain, consumption goes to various benthic organisms. Larger fish eat small fish due to its inability to provide the necessary amount of food. Propagated in the spring. In our results, it is perfect conditions for breeding and life. White carp The white carp, has to slow growth rate of colorful carp is indispensable to culture in fish farms because they do not enter into direct competition with carp. Fed with unused by other types of food: phytoplankton, it helps to increase yields, but its use in tackling the "bloom" of algae, limiting the risk of Zamora. White fish Active at night. Live in deep water on sandy bottoms and rugged. His eyes were large and reflect more light to the unlit places such as vision is excellent device for night shooting. He eats small fish, crustaceans, larvae and nymphs of insects and various others. In the early years of his life to move in herds and flocks attacked by Roach, perch and others. When naedree is separated from the herd and hunt alone, it can attack its kind with a mass up to half a kilogram. Purifies the water basins of the sick, injured and undeveloped fish. Avoid oxygen poor waters. Amur Most valuable economic qualities of the white carp is that it can be used to combat biological fouling of reservoirs, lakes, ponds, irrigation and drainage ditches. In fish farming, farmed culture, consume feed, although not so well utilized. Phones: Phones: 02 875 38 17 0889 91 68 84 0888 69 05 33 0886 10 22 02 Fax: 02 875 38 17 forse_rapoli@abv.bg #slider, #slider img, #slider1, #slider1 img { min-height:220px !important}