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AMKO - Corrosion Protection LTD.

ATANASOV AKZ. has been in the commercial paint contracting business since 1992. Throughout our 13 year history, we have become recognized and respected as a
ATANASOV AKZ has been in the commercial paint contracting business since 1992. Throughout our 13 year history, we have become recognized and respected as a leader in the renovation industry in Bulgaria. ATANASOV AKZ an industrial coating applicator, is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our customers. We specialize in application of high-performance protective coatings for a variety of industries. ATANASOV AKZ applies coatings to various surfaces-steel, galvanized steel, concrete. No job is too small or too large and all customers are treated to exceptional service and quality. General contractors, factory owners and facility professionals know AMKO - Corrosion Protection LTD. as the name they can trust for fast, reliable, high quality work. As a full service company, ATANASOV AKZ can provide all the specialty finishing services you may need to complete the look you desire. Our services include: - Interior and Exterior Painting - Wallcovering - Protective Coatings on concrete - Industrial Finishes - Self Leveling Flooring Systems Airport Sofia AD – new terminal and related infrastructure Steel Pernik AD – Metal Shreder plant Our Mission Our mission at ATANASOV AKZ is customer satisfaction. We will combine our talents, expertise in coating systems, workmanship and control so as to maintain a high caliber work-force in order to provide our customers with services of the highest possible value. Company Profile Integrity is what ATANASOV AKZ was founded upon and it continues to be our best quality. The customer can rest easy knowing that the job is being performed the way it should be. ATANASOV AKZ is a member of the Bulgarian Building Association as well as Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA). Our products ATANASOV AKZ is licensed to apply the different high-performance product series of PPG Coatings group /Ameron International/ - the corrosion protection, fire protection, heat and abrasion resistance series, under the names of Amercoat®, Amerlock®, Amershield™, Dimetcote®, Tideguard®, Nu-Klad®, and PSX®. These products are protective and decorative coatings for steel and concrete, industrial and marine equipment, nuclear power plants, potable water, pharmacy, waste treatment, oil and gas production. Our equipment is designed to provide a highly efficient, optimum application of our various finishes using airless equipment. Airport Sofia AD - LOT B1 - new terminal and related infrastructure Our company has a longterm experience in surface preparation-especially in blast cleaning according to the European standarts. Pipes The company ATANASOV AKZ also offers the different GRE pipe series of PPG Coatings group /Ameron International/ - Bondstrand, Centron, Dualoy, Bondstrand PSX TM and Bondstrand SSL. Ameron International produces and offers a full range of glassfibre reinforced epoxy pipes for various applications, which are corrosion resistant and chemically inert. ATANASOV AKZ is also a representative of RELIUS Coatings Gmbh, ABP Gmbh, ESHA NEDERLAND. NEK AD - internal and external corrosion protection of steel penstocks The products from the PSX series are acrylic polysiloxane coatings with excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, corrosion, chemicals and heat. They are applied on constructions which work in industrial and marine environment. PSX coatings have excellent characteristics and mechanical properties, excellent colour and gloss retention and they are solvent free. These coatings have very low content of isocyanides and heavy metal ions and thus they correspond to the strict requirements for environmentally friendly products. The PSX coatings are used as finish coatings for a large range of already existing systems, for maintenance, and for newly built constructions. These unique products, a patent of AmeronInternational can be applied in a combination with suitable primers and this way they provide a long term corrosion and chemical resistance and long life-time of the construction. RVD - Airport Sofia AD The intumescent coatings from the series Steelguard FM are designed for on-site or for off-site applications providing up to 2 hours fire protection. Steel Pernik AD – Metal Shreder plant Steelguard Intumescent coatings are manufactured and tested using a quality system which complies with international accepted quality systems such as BS and ISO 9001. The coatings from the series Amerlock are self priming epoxy coatings, which can be applied over rusted surface (rust penetrating coatings) or a surface with old coating on it. These coatings are not sensitive to the existing on the surface moisture. Minimal surface preparation is required before application of these coatings-this is very important especially on places where blast cleaning is very difficult. The series Amercoat consist of epoxy, polyurethane and other resins and they have a composition which guarantees long-term protection against corrosion, chemicals, mechanical attacks, high radiation. They are hard, tough, flexible and abrasion resistant. The Amercoat series consist of different primers, intermediate coatings and top coatings for a large range of applications. Glavbulgarstroy AD - Gazprom - Russia Nu-Klad® series consists of primers and self-leveling coatings which can be applied on concrete in chemical processing plants, power plants, sewage and waste treatment plants, warehouses. They can be used in the food and beverage industry. The polyurethane coatings from the Amershield series are self-priming, with an excellent colour and gloss retention, flexibility, outstanding abrasion, reverse, direct impactand corrosion resistance, with low content of volatile organic compounds. They can be applied directly on metal or concrete surface. Dimetcote series consist of inorganic zinc-silicate primers for unique galvanic protection of steel structures. Tideguard series-these are epoxy coatings for corrosion and abrasion protection of steel structures in the offshore and marine industries. OMV - BULGARIA AD - Internal and external corrosion protection of a tank farm Full information about these products: www.ameron-fpg.nl Full information about these products: www.ppg.com