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By the current moment we offer a wide range of articles in different categories as well as all necessary items for manufacturing of a water-supply systems.

ToploTehnika LTD:


Wholesale and retail of materials and spare parts for water-supply and sewerage systems and heating installations - pumps, hydrophores, pipes, boilers, radiators, fireplaces, solar collectors.

Company Toplotehnika ltd presents on the Bulgarian market already 18 years. It was established in 2001 and it is 100% privately owned. The main activity of the company is wholesale and retail.

By the current moment we offer a wide range of articles in different categories. You can buy all necessary elements for manufacturing of water-supply systems.

You can find all necessary elements for manufacturing of heating systems for domestic purposes and for the industry, as well as different boilers as regards the capacity and design - stainless ones from 300 litres up to 5000 litres with one or two serpentines, horisontal and vertical; fireplaces - using solid fuel with water jackets; solar collectors - selective; cauldrons using naphtha, wood, gas, electrical energy, pelletes, panel and alluminum radiators; all kinds of pumps for heating and water-supply - penetrators and hydrophores; plastic vassels with volume of 250 litres up to 9 tones; pipes for heating, polypropilenes, polyethilen, PVC - drainage and channel pipes, copper pipes - with different dimentions; wide range of water-supply and sewerage systems, klingirits, isolations, fire hydrants and fire boxes.

ToploTehnika LTD:

Топлотехника The products which Toplotehnika ЕООD offers to its clients are of high quality and on competitive prices which confirm the competitive positions of the company on Bulgarian market. Except the two stores and a depository in Blagoevgrad the company has seven more stores located in the towns of Bansko, Razlog, Gotse Delchev, Petrich, Sandanski, Dupnitsa and the village of Satovcha, which support the adequate services and comfort ensurance of the clients.

Топлотехника We estimate as our advantage the fact that we have on stock most of the products and spare parts for them, and for the rest we can ensure quick and strict terms of delivery.

Toplotehnika ЕООD works with reliable and correct partners for many years already and we aim at building and maintaining of stable relations with our clients and suppliers. You can rely on polite and kind attitude as well as on professional assisstance.