Stara Zagora
Our company Avtokomers Ltd. manufactures: - spare parts for cars, mini busses and trucks, light and heavy weight automobiles; spare parts and mechanical details for agricultural, industrial, construction and other machines; based on presented by our client technical documentation offers

galvanizing, metalworking, welding, turning, metal structures

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"26 mai" Ltd. was established in the year 2000 as the successor of "26 mai – Natalia Gurkova", founded in 1991. The company is a manufacturer and exporter of steel and iron parts. Company's production activities are carried out in its own factory, which includes mechanical, thermal

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SimkoTech offers to its clients prototyping and production in low to medium volumes production of small and big gauge details. 3D processing on CNC milling center with high precission capabilities with posible sizes of the processed details of up to 1100 / 560 / 635 mm. In addition to the

The company “RISTRAY” Ltd. was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1993. Our activity includes: Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of all kinds of metal constructions, including these with special purpose; transport facilities; non-standard equipment and spare parts. The

ENPLAST Ltd. is a manufacturing company established in a competitive market. The company has financial strength, clear vision and established principles for its implementation and custom projects tooling - injection molds, dies and injection molding of plastics.

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