Wide range of machining and automotive bearings (SNR, TIMKEN, FAG, SKF, KOYO, NACHI, CX, ZKL, FLT, URB, KG, GPZ, VMZ). Oil Seals, O-rings, K-cuffs, V-rings and lacing NBR (SOG). Slings (DAYCO, ROFAN, STAR, SUPER BELT, CONTITECH, OPTIBELT). Zegerki, cotter pins, and shplentove

Design, manufacture and repair of Tooling equipment: * Molds; * Dies; * Pressure molds for rubber; * Pressure molds for casting of aluminum; * Blow molds; * Spare parts.

Gorna Oryahovitsa
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English translation is in progress or not avaiable.

We are a company with a rich professional experience and technological possibilities in designing and manufacturing of: Dies; Injection moulds; Pressforms; Blastforms; Plastic details and products. Our Advantages: Adaptability in bearing to customers need

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Oreshak (Region Lovech)
Should the spring be the most important component for the long-life endurance of your product, there is only one logical choice - precise solution by Еveres-Spring Ltd. We have more than 10 years of experience and successful results in working with manufacturers, engineering companies

The company also offers: gear, chain and worm wheels; splined shafts; reducers; clutches- gears, pinned, elastic and others; axes, shafts, plates, flanges; molds, dies, hoist cars, driving mechanisms and drives, spare parts for hoists and others.

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SimkoTech offers to its clients prototyping and production in low to medium volumes production of small and big gauge details. 3D processing on CNC milling center with high precission capabilities with posible sizes of the processed details of up to 1100 / 560 / 635 mm. In addition to the

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