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Color Glass

Our team contains of well-trained professionals and experts which visit world exhibitions every year and keep up with the trends in this branch. We work with engineers, architects and artists. We care for our team since we always improve the working conditions. And all this is because we want to be united family which works for your comfort. Making comfort is sense that fills up with gladness. Everybody deserves to share coziness of home, filled with light. Our mission makes us happy, because we could make human’s life lovelier and greater. So we can make all your fantasies a reality and cover them with transparency of colors. “Color Glass” is more than ten years old company with experience in the fields of glass industry and art. Following the modern tendencies we advance in glass industry by making a department for unique glasses, facades with bent glass, insulating glass, as well as decoration with sandblasted and colored drawing. Our equipment corresponds with the contemporary world trends. Bending Bended glass is characteristic element for the modern home nowadays. It can be met often in a stylish home. With the progress of technologies the contemporary architects are looking for more ways to fulfill their wishes using one of the most modern materials – the glass. Contemporary architecture imposes the elegant shape of graceful bending of the glass. The glass is placed in special furnaces working in very high temperatures. By heating with specific temperature conditions and under the influence of earth gravitation, the glass becomes soft and fit to the pattern on which it lays. After the glass covers the pattern, the temperature in the furnace begins to decrease slowly. This is one of the most important elements in the process of bending. Application Interior - The glass could be bended both by radius and without definite catenaries. In the interior bended glasses find application in making different pieces of furniture (for example tables, chairs, desks etc.).They are used for screens, parapets, shower rooms, wash-basins etc. Exterior - The glass used for exterior could be bended only by radius. In the exterior some of the applications are for penthouses, glass-roofs, elevators, window displays, windows, walls, doors etc. Art glass This glass is unique, created for the specific atmosphere of your home. It is made by the project of painters and architects. The glass is heated to high temperatures in order to be almost liquid. The applications of bended glasses in art are so much - ashtrays, bowls, shelves and different ideas of artists and architects such as doors, screens, etc. Artistic implementation of orders You can give free rein to your imagination and we will put it on in glass. We can create interiors revealing your essence, adding lines to your individuality and at the same time following the tendencies of the Italian designers working with glass. Glass treatment Except heat treatment, we propose you more possibilities. We can make matte (make the glass sandblasted), edge and chamfer glasses, make holes, etc. We must mention also the new possibility –coloring of glasses. The glass could follow your fantasies. Instalation and delivery Color Glass Company proposes you profiles with European appearance, created by recent technologies. We work with affirmative trademarks like Blick and Vimar. What are the priorities of Blick? Their window system is notable with elegant and soft shapes; it suggests optimal resources for excellent heat and sound insulation. They have an additional rubber packet. The efficiency of heating insulation is K = 1.24 W/m K. K-glass With this glass you could save 70% from the heating energy in your home. So in summer it is cool and in winter it is warm.