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Since 2010 BONIDEX has been developing a new activity - import of Magnesium oxide boards, ceilings, gypsum ceilings and etc. Magnesium plates are a new kind of product that enters the market at a rapid pace. It is distinguished from other materials with their main characteristics – fireproof performance and moisture resistant. Description of Magnesium board. SUPER MAGNESIUM BOARD is a Magnesium fire prevention board that is made of nonflammable materials including magnesium chloride, magnesia, alkali endured epoxy glass cloth, perlite, sawdust and so on. Uses partition and suspended ceiling in decoration of buildings; the structure for heat preservation place; sound insulation wall and fire resistant walls; place with dampness; mobile partition and mobile house; special class fire prevention place; sandwiched plate in fireproof-gate and packaging ofequipment cases; Lining board of fire prevention door; Special lining board for aluminum-plastics board Properties Green and friendly environment - free of asbestos, formaldehyde and ammonia no toxic gas es under 2700. 100% free of asbestos, no smoke or poison in case of fire, creating a green and healthy living space. Fireproof performance - Grade A( GB8624 )and fire resistance up to 4.5 hours Impact resistant - high impact resistant and high tens ile strength, bending strength of up to 16Mpa, tensile strength 7Mpa, impact strength for the 5.6kg/•, ageing-resistant, and will not have crack and powder-phenomenon. Against moth - protection against mould, bacterium, insects and termites. Moisture resistant - Patented formula, which solving the common problems that white and back to the brine the excellent dampness prevention performance Waterproof: resistant to deformation in wet environments Freeze resistant - resistant to deformation in frigid and bitter cold environments, can be used at 40 degree. Install easy to handle and to insta ll no special tools required Heat insulation - Thermal conductivity less than 0. 216W/MK, has a excellent heat insulation performance. Invariability: Resistant to deformation in wet, hot and dry conditions. The board is light, ageing-resistant and has a long performance life. Sound insulation - Sound loss through a 6mm thick Tolar TM plate -29dB Weight: Light weight,(volume weight: 0.8 0 -1.27g/cm3) Durability: Resistance to halogen accumulation, long lasting strength Dimensions 1220 x 2440 595mm*595mm The thickness - 3mm-20mm The standard color is white Eco-bio compatibility This panel consists of natural products: magnesium chlo-ride , magnesia, alkali endured epoxy glass cloth , perlite, sawdust. Therefore, there is no risk of pollution, neither at the production or implementation stage, nor at an subsequent re-cycling or waste disposal stage.