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Preparations FM blocker, H-F blocker for eliminating harmful discoloration in blanching or boiling / including convection ovens / - potatoes, cauliflower, rice, mushrooms, cabbage - for drying garlic - for drying, potatoe dough and more.

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For its 33 years existing "Special Polymers" Ltd has taken leading role in the production of different kinds of glue under trade mark KANOKONLIТ®,, well - known and preferred both in Bulgaria and abroad. "Special Polymers" Ltd develops and produces commercial adhesives on the base of

SP Carolin deals with wholesale of laundry, detergents and cosmetics. The products are manufactured by Bulgarian and foreign companies. The company is the official importer and distributor of fragrance J & E SOZIO DESCOLLONGES - FRANCE.

Fatokem Ltd. was established in 1993 with Bulgarian and foreign capital. Several changes in the capital took place over the years and since 2004 100% of the capital is Bulgarian. Mr. Stefan Tomov is owner and

ooperative Pharmko is a privately held, commercial company established in 1991 with registration and head office in Plovdiv. Main activities of the company are import-export and trade with lubricating materials: - oils - greases and technical fluids - chemical products and

Neochim PLC is the leader of Bulgarian and international market in manufacturing and trading of fertilizers, inorganic and organic chemicals. Neochim is the only company in Bulgaria producing formalin (formaldehyde solution), urea-formaldehyde resins, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite,

Altech Water technology Ltd is a trade – engineering company established at 2009 and specialized in technology for filtration, sedimentation, flotation and separation of solid – liquid suspensions. The products find an application in mining, metallurgy, chemical, paper and all other kind

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