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Antex OOD

Company ANEX produces awings /TIR-awings/, autoupholsteries, tents. The awings are made of high-quality Belgium, Italian and German vinyls. The material is glued through high-quality weldings.
Bogomilovo, Bogomilovo, at the exit of St. Zagora towards

Company Anex has at its disposal at its manufacturing premises contemporary machines for welding of double-side awings as well as highly-qualified specialists with over 15-years' experience.

Антекс ООД
We produce in our base the following products:

- TIR awings
- tents made of cloth or awing
- autoupholsteries,
- summer and winter covers for waterpools
- covers for boats
- tilts for automobiles
- covers for tip-lorryes
- protective mattresses for winter tracks
- windproof panels
- pergolas
- shelters
- air tubes, etc.

TIR Awings

Our TIR awings are charactized with long exploitation term and quality workmanship. We use materials of globally recognozed manufactures as “Ferrari”, "Sio-Line", "Satter". Our 15-years experience in this field High Frequency adherance tehnology guaranty the strenght and quality of the production.


If you need entire renovation of the saloon of your automobile, bus, microbus, etc., we can offer you a wide colour range of high-quality amasks and leathers. We can guarantee quality and stylish production with warranty!


The company offers tents for functional and decorative design and shadowing of shop-windows, entrances, terraces, for covering of external sites and trade objects. The colour design ups to the customer's choice. We also perform printing of advertising inscriptions, logos, etc. The tents can be produced with steel or aluminum constructions with common breaking and ejecting arms with spring strain.

Bed covers

Bed covers are produced of Belgium and Italian PVC vinyl /with UV protection must- and waterproof/. The colour design ups to the customer's choice. We offer foam of tickness: 4,5,6 cm. We also offer execution of printing of advertising materials: inscriptions, logos, etc.


The company produces covers made of PVC vinyl and acrylic materials. We also offer change of boats' interior using quality leathers of Italian and German producers.

Tilts for automobiles

Tilts are made of original German and Italian materials. Special threads are used for sewing by which the company guaranties their longer life.

Covers for tip-lorryes

Antex OOD uses materials of Italian producer of covers for tip-lorries. Below we have presented some more information on this company:

Markolin is an Italian producer with more than 40-years experience in the providing of decisions of all kinds of covers made of vinyl materials. Markolin has 3 factories expanded over 10000 sq. m. and which produce covers, meeting both the requirements of business companies and the end users. Markolin produces and sales quality covers for the purposes of industry and transport, both for trade and domestic needs.

Highly bound to renovation and development Markolin applyes high-quality decisions and materials and creates products which are entirely safety and reliable. The quality, innovations, functionality and design exist in all Markolin's products, and the diversity of decisions and entire systems fulfill the needs of each business or individual customer.

Антекс ООД Антекс ООД


The company is specialized in production of matresses for hospital beds with one, two and three sections. The thickness of foam varies between 10-12 cm. The matresses are covered with leather or vinyl PVC material.

Windproof panels

Windproof panels are made of PVC crystal - transparent with an edge in a colour according to the customer's preferences. This panels are appropriate for outdoor restaurants, terraces, pavilions. They ensure comfort in windy and rainy weather.


Pergola construction designed by Giulio Barbieri S.p.A., is appropriate for covering and extending of outdoor areas near to existing buildings. The aluminum stable construction is built of one fundamental profile and three conective details. It is very quick and easy as regards the instalation. The back end of the construction should be affixed frontally to existing facade or on special columns. The columns should be anchored in a firm ground by anchor balts.

The covering is made of PVC textile or polycarbonate panels. When using textile the cover could be doubled with a view of achiving better heat isolation. The combination of textile and policarbonate is also possible. The construction could be closed with the help of textile panels or panels with alluminium (or PVC) profiles; The opportunity to mount doors and windows also shoud be mentioned. Many combinations are possible.


Shelters are module stationary construction for seasonal covering of external areas of trade objects, temporary expositions, exhibitions, parkings, etc. Models: Q STANDART; Q LUX. Construction is dismountable, easy to mount and demount. The metal parts of the construction has electrostatic powder coverage with a standard colour RAL 9010, however it could be made in another colour as well. The joint and fine details have galvanic zink coverage. Anchoring is made towards concrete ground or zero cyrcle (foundaments) by anchor balts. The construction consists of several modules and this hives the opportunity to assemble different combinations. Model LUX is made of additional aluminum profiles for anchoring the side panels.

The coverage is made of acrylic materials (UV - protection) or PVC awings with ensity up to 520 g/m2. The colour design ups to the customer's choice. For advertising purposes we offer also printing of inscriptions, logos, etc.

Side panels ( for model LUX ): These side panels are produced in combination depending on the customer's wish - of PVC awings, acrilyc materials, transparent PVC folio of a type "CRYSTAL".