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We have all the necessary modern technological equipment available as well as the quality control means to guarantee the high quality of our products.
Technooptic Our mission is to be a reliable partner that will help you grow Technooptic Ltd. was established in 2006 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. It specializes in the production of highly precise spherical, cylindrical and flat optical components and mechanical elements for optical systems. The products have gained the trust of leading companies in the optical, medical, scientific-research and defensive sector. The production is in compliance with all the requirements of the world and European standards such as ISO, DIN, MIL. About Us Due to the specifics of our line of work, we have at our disposal highly qualified team of specialists – optical engineers and professional workers. Certificates: Who we are? It our duty to offer our clients quality-guaranteed products only. After Bulgaria’s admission to the EU, we equipped a new laboratory for research, measurements and control of the optical components, with the measuring equipment purchased by the best manufacturers of measuring equipment from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan. Our Quality control Department inspects the entire manufacturing process and all components are 100 % measured, and they comply with the strict standards of EN ISO 9001: 2008. We hold an EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. Upon request, we offer our clients measuring protocols of all optical parameters, as well as certificates for the materials. Lenses Plano-Convex Lenses Plano-Concave Lens Bi -Convex Lenses Positive or convergent meniscus lens Negative or divergent meniscus lens Cylindrical lens Rod lenses Micro lenses Positive achromatic lenses Negative achromatic lenses Optical design Optical design is the process of describing the refracting or reflecting elements in an optical system so that it meets a set of performance specifications. Typically, the performance specifications concern the imaging characteristics of the system, such as the resolution, magnification, numerical aperture, and field of view. Other requirements may include tolerances, size, weight, and cost. The result of an optical design project is typically a prescription or database that lists the materials and shapes of the optical elements required. Technooptic provides design services for simple optical components or complex assemblies. We design and build special optical components, devices and systems for a wide variety of applications. We can help with your optical design problem at any level you may require: simple ray tracing of an optical system design of a complex lens assembly optimization aberration correction materials selection fabrication drawings Filters Technooptic offers one of the most extensive listings of standard interference filters in this industry. Wavelengths range from the ultraviolet through the near infrared and include many of the primary laser, mercury, biomedical and analytical spectral lines. The filters are only available as custom items and will be quoted upon request. Color Image Filters Bandpass Filters Laser Rejection Filters Laser Line Filters Mechanical Parts Tehnooptic produces mechanical components for precision mechanics, optics, mechanics, and laser technology. Long-term experience in the treatment of small or large batches of products demanding of tolerances and shape of various materials made of CNC machines is our competitive advantage. Prisms All types of prisms are manufactured according to customer requirements. Dove prisms Anamorphic Prisms Equilateral Prisms Rectangular prisms Roof prisms Roof penta prisms Beamsplitter penta prisms Others Coatings The AR coatings are often crucial components for the optical lens systems and/or other optical details, where the maximal possible light energy is needed. AR coatings help obtain a clearer and brighter vision. AR coatings also decrease the intensity of pale images that are sometimes created in optical systems when having too many reflections from various surfaces. Our company offers MgF2 and multi-layered coatings, as follows: Microoptic Technooptic Ltd offers its clients components of optical glass and quartz Spherical lenses Mirrors, optical windows Microprisms (all types) Upon request, we are also pleased to offer application-optimized micro-lens solutions, which we develop and manufacture in cooperation with the customer.

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