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Адрес в България: гр. София Tел.: 02/ 843 17 03 GSM:: 0898 236 966 email: URL: Brooks Automation Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKS) creates manufacturing efficiency for the semiconductor and other complex manufacturing industries, helping our customers increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve return on investment. In addition to best-in-class hardware products and services, Brooks offers complete, tightly integrated solutions that optimize manufacturing equipment, factory productivity and manufacturing efficiency. Our solutions enable customers to bring products to market with greater speed and profitability. With over 25 years experience in the development and implementation of innovative automation solutions and highly regarded global customer support and service capabilities, Brooks is uniquely positioned to help semiconductor Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), fabs and other companies in complex manufacturing industries to leverage automation to solve their business problems while controlling costs and minimizing risk. Our tool automation products include vacuum and atmospheric robots, cluster tool platforms and modules, load port modules, equipment front end modules and ultra-clean environments for isolating processing equipment. We also provide market-leading cryogenic pumps for high-vacuum processes such as ion implant and physical vapor deposition (PVD) as well as vacuum measurement and thermal management solutions. In addition, all our products are fully supported by our global customer support group. Our Guaranteed Up-Time Support (GUTS™) program helps mitigate risk and ensures world class service for our customers. Brooks, with headquarters in Chelmsford MA, has direct operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The Company's Technology Automation Division is ISO 9001:2000 certified to assure the highest levels of product quality and value. PRODUCTS Vacuum Process Tools Systems - Gemini Express (GX) Family - InLine Express (IX) - Marathon Express (MX) Family - Hercules Express (HX) for FPD Robots & Modules - MagnaTran Robot Family - MagnaTran 70/74 for FPD - VCE 6 load locks Vacuum Pumps & Gauges - CTI-Cryogenics ® - Granville-Phillips® - Polycold® Systems - Special Promotions Alignment & Calibration - Alignment Tools - Interface Tools RFID and Tracking - RFID Products Custom Atmospheric Products - Systems - Airflow Management - Automation Solutions Atmospheric Tools Systems - FabExpress (FX) EFEM Robots & Modules - AcuLigner - AcuTrav Family - Reliance ATR Robots Load Port Modules - FIXLOAD - ERGOSPEED II Precision Air Flow Control - Wafer Track Exhaust Controllers - Diffusion Furnace Control - Energy Saving Controllers - Containment & Isolation Control Material Handling Systems AMHS - OneFab AMHS - AeroLoader IV - AeroTrak 200/300 - TurboStocker - AMHS TrueBlue Service Agreements Lithography Automation - Guardian - Bare Reticle Stocker - ZARIS - Reticle Macro Inspection SMIF Products - ERGOSPEED II - SLR 200 M Series автоматизация софтуер хардуер компютърно интегрирано производство полупроводници оборудване клъстер инструмент платформи модули вакуум термични решения оборудване статистически контрол процесите