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Дружеството е създадено през 1992 г., като рекламно студио за графичен дизайн и предпечат. Седем години по-късно е закупена първата печатарска машина HEIDELBERG, която поставя началото днешната печатница „Принтакс”. През 2005 г. печатницата пренася дейността си в нова модерна
www.printax.bg - the official website of Printax Ltd. Since 1994, we have been printing and producing a wide variety of promotional materials and packaging for various sectors of the economy. During that time we have won many satisfied customers, partners and friends. Quality, opportunity, and competitive prices have always been among our priorities over the years. We approach every project with the awareness of being competent and able to make it. At this website you will find comprehensive information on everything we print, as well as prices of basic items and contact details. Although the site does not function as an online shop, we will be happy to answer all of your questions, for which there is no or insufficient information here. ABOUT US THE COMPANY The company was founded in 1992 as an advertising agency for graphic design and prepress. Seven years later the first printing press HEIDELBERG was bought, which laid the foundations of "Printax" printing house. In 2005, the printing house is moved to a new modern production facility, built on an area of 1500 sq / m. The production equipment is constantly updated and expanded and by the end of 2006 3.5 million euros had been invested in the enterprise. Nowadays "Printax" printing house is a leader on the Bulgarian market of printed materials, with its production of high quality labels and packaging boxes, catalogs, brochures, posters and calendars. We have built the perfect team of specialists and quality and efficiency have become synonymous with our work. EQUIPMENT We have installed modern offset printing presses – a six-colour computer-controlled one (size 70 x 100 cm) and a two-color (conventional) one – which allow us to bring each of our clients’ projects to perfection. The six-colour printing press was put into operation in 2009 and is one of the most productive in Bulgaria. Furthermore, we have a wide range of finishing machines: an automatic die-cutting machine , an automatic folder-gluer, paper cutter with numerical control, folding machine (11 folds) for magazines and advertising materials. We work with paper and cardboard from Slovenia, Austria, Finland and others. The weight of the paper may be between 45 and 450 g/m2. CUSTOMERS Some of our clients are KFC, Balkan Star (Mercedes Benz), Animex 98, Salon, Alexandrov, Papaya, IT Design, and many other advertising agencies. Services “Printax” printing house is among the leaders on the Bulgarian market of printed materials. We provide a full range of services necessary for the production of printing materials - brochures, catalogs, calendars, packaging boxes, labels. There are specialists at your disposal, who will consult you on any issue, regarding the prepress and offset printing technology. The services we provide include: Design Prepress Graphic projects Scanning Electronic assembly Paging Individual work with a designer Generation of PS files Production

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