Kitano Seeds' mission is healthy life-style for people from all over the world since healthy and happy population nowadays - is a factor of stable development of future generations. We aimed at improvement of our products according to the world’s ... [ още ]

JSC \"Grodno Azot\" PTC \"Khimvolokno\" is a large manufacturer of Polyamide-6 (PA6) and PA6-based composite materials. Our PA6 is successfully used for manufqcturing of awide range of products including polymer composite materials with different properties as well as directly ... [ още ]

Kauno Baltija is the oldest and biggest ladies wear manufacturer in Lithuania. -15 000 sq.m.workplace -400 employees -500 000 garments per year -3-5 weeks production cycle after materials are received. -business is controlled by NAV -exports since 1998 -members of SEDEX ... [ още ]

Creative BioMart provides quality recombinant proteins, lysate, chromatography and native proteins to the research community of biology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical drug development. We are offering more than 1,000 recombinant proteins, peptides and ... [ още ]

Търся сътрудничество с български транспортни компании. ... [ още ]

Човек, който спира рекламата, за да спести пари, е като човек, който спира часовника, за да спести време! Хенри Форд

Фирми в населено място Челюстница

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Последните 7 месеца за нас бяха много важни, защото стартирахме изработването на нов дизайн на нашия каталог, нов администраторски панел и нова мобилна версия с респонзив дизайн, според последните очаквания на потребителите и новите изисквания на Google и останалите търсещи машини, до услугите на които се позоваваме ежедневно. Виж още...


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